Our engineers pride themselves in having a staff with exceptional technical abilities and diversified experience in the natural gas industry.

  • Application Support
    If you are not sure what equipment you need, GTC can assist you in determining what will be suitable for your facility.

  • Process Design Support
    Feasibility studies, process selection and design of production are just examples of process design support GTC can offer.

  • Project Management
    From initial planning stages through plant design, materials specification and procurement, plant fabrication and installations, start-ups and performance testing, we can help you expedite getting your gas to market.

  • Field Service
    If you need support in evaluating an existing plant operation or performance, we can help.  Computer simulations can be performed by our engineers to evaluate your plant's optimum operating parameters.

  • Permitting Support
    GTC's engineers can provide data for permits for your plant applications or complete plant permit applications.

  • Start-Up Support
    GTC can assist with troubleshooting and optimizing process operations at start-up as well as operations personnel training and management.

  • Installation Support
    GTC's engineering staff can assist in the installation and start-up of your plant at your site.

  • Gas Treating Service
    GTC can handle your gas treating requirements on a cost-per MCF basis by providing the necessary equipment and personnel.

  • Operational Support
    GTC can provide operators and operation management to run the plant and keep your gas on-line.